Winter is Coming

With the fall season in motion and winter rapidly approaching, we came up with a list of supplies you should consider:

· Gloves – KNUCKLEHEAD by Majestic

· Headlamp – HEADSUP LITE by Pelican

· Batteries – PROCELL by Duracell

· Snow & Ice Melt 20 lb. bag - by Do It Best

· Thrust Starting Fluid – by GUNK

· De-Icer for Windows & Wipers – by BLASTER

· Windshield Washer – by CAMCO

· Antifreeze – by Prestone

· Lock De-Icer and Lubricant – by VICTOR

· Auto Ignition Butane Torch – by Wall Lenk

Pigeon Express

At some point, we have all lost service in the field. What normally follows is frustration, anxiety and few words of profanity. Okay, maybe more than a few. Either way, try to imagine what these men went through.
We sure have come along way!

Onsite Store

D&K offers onsite supply stores primarily to individual operators. The customer provides the location, and D&K provides all the inventory and re-stocking on a scheduled basis depending on the specific needs of the customer. These onsite stores offer our high volume customers the ability to have a store on their locations without the investment and administrative duties that go along with operating a supply store. Each onsite store is different and is designed around the specific needs of the customer.

Please contact us to learn more!